Running the fine line between too hard and too easy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm going to do it.

There is a woman who is featured from time to time on Martha Stewart's show. She has been baking her way through MS' Baking Handbook. When she comes on I always think, "Man, what an awesome idea. You just bake from one page to the next." And it really is a great idea. No discrimination of recipes, no worry about what type of dessert to make, just open and go. So, when Martha Stewart announced the above book would be published, I knew I had a challenge waiting in the wings. I have always had a special love for cookie baking. I love how the dough can be surprising in texture. I enjoy learning the ingredients of cookies and how they incorporate together to make a delicious memory.

I picked up the book this past weekend and will be blogging every recipe, page by page as I tackle them. In a way, I am nervous and scared because there are some things I keep failing or am too scared to try (Madeleines, anyone?) But in another way, I am so excited for the challenge of trying new recipes and discovering new ways to bake.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo: let's eat sushi!

Mr. W and I usually eat mexican every Sunday night so of course we embibed in our own tradition last night. I hosted a party on Saturday evening and was supposed to go out for sushi, but we never made it out of the house, ha. So of course I have been craving it all day at work. And I didn't have a chance to meal plan for the week, so all the more reason to enjoy sushi and some egg drop soup on this fine fiesta holiday :)